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The public journal of a Philadelphian in Chicago

That place where the bones of life are piled
I know somethin' has changed
I'm a stranger here and no one sees me
'Cept you, yeah you.

-- "Nobody 'Cept You", Bob Dylan

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Getting up-to-date...

I love that special smell
When the sun shines down
After the rain
I remember how I felt
When I closed the files
Where I saved smiles

I made my bed and packed my gear
I don’t know what it’s worth
But I’m still here
I’ll shave my head and volunteer
Am I closer now
What was that
I just couldn’t hear
-"OWC," Kent

I am so behind, people! Not with schoolwork, of course, but with keeping you all up-to-date on my life via this blog.

So here's a very compressed description of the past two weeks (with pictures to follow):

Sunday, 24 Oct

Went to church with Colleen here on campus. The 11 o'clock Mass is held in the very stately Bond Chapel where a student choir performs Gregorian chant. I'm truly struck by the diversity of Catholic life here at UChicago - alongside the almost requisite hippy dippy folk Masses and unfocused belief endemic throughout much of the country are true outlets for traditional belief and practice. The celebrant that morning was a minor celebrity: author and sociologist Andrew Greeley. It was really wonderful to stand beside Colleen then - it may sound odd, but some of my most important memories of us together are connected to church - the first time we ever went out for dinner, for example, was predicated by a Saturday night Mass. We then traveled northeast to Lincoln Park and spent the day at the free zoo and botanical gardens there, followed by a movie (Team America) and dinner. A great day, one that I'll never forget.

Monday, 25 Oct

We went for lunch to Mellow Yellow a cute little restaurant that serves what they label "70's fare". Lots of salads, chili, burgers, etc. These are 70's foods? Who knew? I must admit, though, I half expected Annie Hall to show up with Mork from Orc piggybacking on her shoulders. It must've been the decor. Apparently, the daughter of the owner wrote to Donovan for permission to use the name, which he granted at no charge. I wonder if he's gotten any other restaurant requests through the years. "Poor Cow"? "Season of the Sand-Witch"? "Cosmic Meels"? (How many people will get these references, and then, how many of those will actually find them funny?) I then had class: Pathology, then the weekly Immunology seminar, followed by "Meet the Seminar Speaker", where the first and second-year students sit around and try to fill up an hour asking our poor guest quetion after question. Col and I went to dinner at a very nice Middle Eastern restaurant, Cedar's. The kebobs were almost as good as the Persian Grill's, which is no mean feat! After dinner, we watched "Wag the Dog" for Colleen's film class. And then I got increasingly sad...

Tuesday, 26 Oct

...for this was the day Colleen was to leave me. After class in the morning, we took a teary bus ride back to Midway airport where it had all begun less than a week before. We hung out for about an hour, eating lunch in the airport. And then she was gone. I had a splendid time - I'm never happier than when I'm with my Irish girl.

Wednesday & Thursday, 27-8 Oct

Hell. On Thursday, I had an in-class midterm in Proteins and a take-home midterm for Immunology due. I only began writing the midterm the night before. End result? The paper was done after pulling nearly an all-nighter but I only had an hour to study for the Protein test. Ugh. Coming home Thursday, I realized papers were everywhere. It looked like I had been raided by the IRS (or perhaps the NIH).

Friday, 29 Oct

I purchased James Lileks' new book, Interior Desecrations and I suggest you do the same. It's freakin' hilarious. For a taste of what it's like, check out the book's companion website. That night, Todd threw a Halloween bash. I wore the Egyptian galabiyah Susie had given me the year before. It wasn't as well attended as my party for Justin & Spiros, but nontheless, it was fun. I felt a little freer to drink as I wasn't hosting, not that that stopped Todd. He claims not to remember the second part of the party at all. Oh, and there was karaoke. So imagine a very drunk Todd screaming to the song "My Girl" dressed as a Chippendale dancer. Nicole, asleep two floors below could hear that one. After the party died out (the host passing out is a surprising "party downer"), Ann came downstairs with me and watched the three Simpsons Halloween episodes I had in my collection. Tomorrow (7 Nov), by the way, is the premiere of the 16th season of The Simpsons with Treehouse of Horror XV!!!

Saturday, 30 Oct

Welcome to Hangover City. Population: Me. After a day of taking it easy, I went to Jason and Barb's Halloween party. Jason, in case you don't know, is the brother of my friend and fellow Penn alum, Adam. They live a few miles north of Downtown, near the lake's edge (apparently the gayborhood). It was a lot of fun - though I barely knew a soul, everyone was very talktative and friendly. Most of the guests were either classmates of the hosts (Barb is a psych PhD student at Loyola and Jason is getting a business degree from DePaul). Great costumes: I especially liked the girl dressed as a Bush security mom and the lass who donned a Cartman costume complete with Miss Jennifer Lopez hand puppet; great drinks: British cider made me happy and I loved the aquamarine punch titled "Vampire blood"; great music, which is what I would expect from one of the Kanes; and great atmosphere: having "Killer Clowns from Outer Space" playing in the background was a nice touch and there was so much fake spider webbing that I half-expected to run into Shelob.

Sunday, 31 Oct

Halloween. The only thing I did for the holiday was rent the remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Better than the original - very creepy. Dude, it stars Donald Sutherland, an extremely young Jeff Goldblum (who acts like he's on PCP through much of the movie) and Leonard Nimoy. NIMOOOOOOY!!! See it today! Or not.

Tuesday, 2 Nov

The day of the election. I checked the Internet for news, gossip and opinion 200% more than I normally do. Which comes out to 26 hours out of a 24 hour day. Wait a minute... That night, Nicole and I went to the pub, where they had a results-watching party for the grad students. Two free beers for every grad student. Now that's a campaign motto that I can identify with. I was insane - I kept jumping up from our booth to check out the television, hoping for some word on Florida, Ohio and our fair commonwealth. Oh, and I got into a debate with a girl from Madison. The strangest arguments I've ever heard. Andy, I now know what you mean! I didn't go to bed that night until 3.30 am - after chatting with Andrew and Rick (who reported on the Penn Grad student party at MarBar).

Wednesday, 3 Nov

Caught the concession speech by JFK and the victory speech by GWB. Um, not much else...

Thursday, 4 Nov

Bizarro-Thursday Club coincided with the real T-Club this week. I heard everyone had a good time there in my absence. Thanks again to Rick for organizing my baby and thanks to everyone else for keeping the dream alive! This day was also my dad's 52nd birthday, so I called to wish him well.

Friday, 5 Nov

I went with Emina, Rodney, Ann and Spiros to see "The Incredibles" at an ICE (Inner-City Entertainment) theater in the South Side. Yes, I can't believe they named a theater chain that either. The movie was phenomenal (disclaimer: as a movie whore, I sometimes exaggerate) - my favorite description was from AO Scott's NY Times review: "The intensity with which 'The Incredibles' advances its central idea - it suggests a thorough, feverish immersion in both the history of American comic books and the philosophy of Ayn Rand - is startling." I really think this is the era of the comic book. Sure, the 70's had their Superman in film (and Wonder Woman and the Hulk on the telly) and the 90's had Batman. But they were often pretty empty affairs (at least the sequels). Now we range from the excellent tome "The Adventures of Cavalier and Clay" by Michael Chabon to the elegantly directed X-Men and Spiderman franchises as well as genre-pushers, like "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow", "American Splendor", "Hell-boy", "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" etc. This truly is a great time to be alive - and see my passion for comic books as a kid be validated.

So until next time, dear Readers, in the words of Stan Lee, "Make mine Marvel!" Or, errr, "Goodbye!"


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